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The History of Lizori

“Lizori” is the imaginary name that the hamlet of San Benedetto, a.k.a. Castello di Pissignano Alto, has been known with since the 1970s. Located in the area of Campello sul Clitunno, this castle and the underlying Spoletan Valley have been privileged strongholds of Imperial and Republican Rome. Commanders and senators, foreign conquerors by the epic name like Germanic Fredrick Redbeard and then Frederick II have been here. It was a hostel for popes, a watchtower and a military fortification, chosen by mystic men coming from the neighbouring duchies since the Longobard and Carolingian periods. The settlement took its present shape within the boundaries of the castle of Pissignano Alta during the Middle Ages: today, perimeter defence structures draw one among the rarest slanting triangular castles preserved in Italy. To know more about the fascinating history of the Burg, please visit theOfficial Website