An attractive, lively, colourful studio apartment, rich in imagination.

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SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE BURG’S HOUSES: Sheets and towels are changed weekly, therefore only in case of stays of more than 6 nights. The small, functional kitchenette includes sink, 30-litres mini-bar, an electric-induction double plate and the basic tools to cook and eat (flatware, dishes, glasses, cups, pots, bottle opener and tablecloth). Besides soft towels in sponge, our bathrooms are also equipped with liquid soap for body and hands, and a hair dryer. Please be reminded that holiday houses do not generally include daily cleaning; you will have a small broom with dustpan at hand, but if you wish to have the room rearranged, towel change and the house tidied up, we will be pleased to offer the service for 20 € a day.

Our philosophy of hospitality owes much to ecobiology, and will grant you a reinvigorating contact with the strong and harmonious nature of this special place: that is why nowhere at Lizori you will see a television set or find a Wi-Fi connection; you will have plenty of books in various languages instead, that you’ll read outside perhaps. And when you’ll need to reach out for newscasts or check your e-mail, you will be able to count on the Bottega del Gusto, a restaurant-cafe a few steps away from your apartment, that offers both services.

Gli ambienti

Giolli is an attractive studio apartment of 22 sq. m., ideal for the stay of a single person, featuring a full-size bed. Entering this house, you soon have an astounding sight from the arch-window of the living area. The bedroom and the living room are separated by an attractive wall with arch that features a built-in wardrobe on the living-room side; the small, yet comfortable bath with shower features a small window set in an old opening in stone that went through all restructuring. In the living area you will find a walnut table for two, a wide, fully-equipped kitchen to store food and flatware, and a comfortable easy-chair to read a book or take a rest.